Freddie Bourne

American singer-songwriter

About Freddie

While he never envisioned himself to be fronting two bands in high school, floppy-haired New Jersey native Freddie Bourne took to the stage writing and fronting throughout his high school career performing at The Saint, The Stone Pony, and Starland Ballroom, until heading off to Fairleigh Dickinson University for a broadcasting degree. Still, Bourne was determined to make a name for himself in his music and believe in the songs he was writing. Once he began to take a chance as being solo, Bourne found success opening for One Tree Hill’s Tyler Hilton, Dion Roy, and Mike Schavio.
Bourne’s 2013 release of “Only Human”, blended with the sounds of pop-rock, trip-hop, and acoustic stylings was well-met with the public, performing at the national 2014 Special Olympic Games, finding success on YouTube, and eventually working with artists whom also wanted to start their musical journeys. But it wasn’t until the passing of his mother in 2014 that made him more determined than ever to release music from the heart and not hold back on what he wanted his songs to say. After signing with The Latest Noise Records, Bourne has been back in the performing in tristate area, making his 2016 comeback at the prestigious Maxwell’s in Hoboken. Bourne’s second release “I Wrote These Songs with Heavy Vibes and a Piano”, infused with the experimental production found in Panda Bear, Milky Chance, and Regina Spektor, made his fans aware that he was here to stay.

Since then, Bourne has scored a top 40 hit in the Netherlands, released three more EPs, and toured across the United States. His new EP, “The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco” comes off as a deep-house pop record with tribute to late 90’s and early 00’s pop music, that Bourne dubs as “conscious house-pop” music as the music is danceable while the songwriting is relatable.

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